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Tony McNulty

UK immigration minister gets pied, removed from BBC appearance

16:01 27/10/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News The United Kingdom's new immigration minister, Phil Woolas, fell victim to a custard pie on 24 October 2008 while speaking at an environmental debate held at...

Surge of foreign workers raises UK migration debate

16:39 23/08/2006
• Watch This Video More than 400,000 east European workers have been allowed to work in Britain since May 2004, the government said on August 23, vastly exceeding predictions and fuelling calls for...

Illegal immigrants caught at UK Home Office

19:16 19/05/2006
Five illegal immigrants have been arrested after turning up for work to clean a British Home Office building. They were working for a firm contracted by the UK Immigration and Nationality Directorate...

Study reveals immigrant labour needed in UK

17:50 30/03/2006
UK businesses are increasing their reliance on immigrant human resources in the labour force. Studies by the Chartered Institute of Personnel and Development reported that 85% of employers had...

Scotland to have regional director for immigration

11:04 27/03/2006
Tony McNulty, the Home Office minister in charge of immigration, will unveil proposals to create a new regional director's job for Scotland. Scotland will have its own regional director for...

Police chief wants new force to tackle UK illegal immigration

9:33 27/03/2006
The issue of clamping down on illegal immigration has been raised by one the UK's most senior police officers, Chris Fox outgoing president of the Association of Chief Police Officers. Different...