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UK High Court

OISC UK visa regulator in new race discrimination scandal

12:05 03/12/2019
By Sanwar Ali The OISC Office of the Immigration Services Commissioner is failing in its duties as a Regulator when it comes to treatment of minority groups. Recently a High Court Judge has made an...

Court ruling in favour of non-EU family members of EU Citizens

18:20 19/01/2015
Last month Judges in the European Court of Justice (ECJ) decided that Britain can no longer require visas for non-EU family members of EU Citizens wishing entry to the UK, provided they are settled...

High Court rules immigrant spouses must speak English before moving to UK

10:58 12/01/2012
The High Court in the UK has dismissed a legal challenge to a new immigration rule requiring people to be able to speak English before coming to the UK to live with their spouse. The law was...

UK Immigration - Minimum 21 years age requirement for foreign spouses declared unlawful

12:46 26/10/2011
The new UK immigration requirement that overseas spouses must be at least 21 years old has recently been declared unlawful by the UK High Court. UK Prime Minister David Cameron had said that the new...

2010: Important Immigration events during the year

18:19 28/12/2010
PLEASE SEE UPDATE ON UK IMMIGRATION CAP BELOW 2010 has been a rocky year for immigration around the world. Aftershocks from the global financial crisis of 2008 can still be felt as evidenced by many...

Indians benefit; UK immigration cap declared unlawful

10:35 20/12/2010
The vast majority of highly skilled migrants coming to the UK under the Tier 1 visa are from India. A recent High Court ruling has resulted in the interim immigration cap imposed in the summer no...