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UK-India Trade Talks: Sunak Holds Firm on Immigration Policy

22:34 08/09/2023
By Sanwar Ali : The UK-India Trade Deal, a highly anticipated post-Brexit agreement, is in the limelight once again. As the negotiations move forward, the deal's implications for businesses and...

US Visa Services Status: Sept 2023 Update

21:16 07/09/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Up-to-date information on U.S. embassy and consulate wait times can be of great importance. Whether you need to apply for a visit visa for the United States or applying for...

Ukrainian Refugees in the US: A Journey of Hope and Resilience

20:36 14/07/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Introduction Over a year has passed since the start of Putin's war of aggression against Ukraine. The conflict has left countless homes ruined and lives shattered, pushing millions of...

New Conservatives' Call for Reducing Immigration: Overview

22:44 10/07/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Index: The New Conservatives' Plan for Reducing Immigration The Implications of Reducing Immigration The Political Context of Immigration Control The Impact of Brexit on Immigration...

UK Student Visa Changes: A Comprehensive Analysis

23:29 07/07/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Index Introduction The New Proposal: An Overview Migration Reduction: The Driving Force International Students: Economic Contributors The Impact: A Closer Look Impact on Students...

The UK Golden Visa: Pavel Fuks and Tier 1 Visa Scheme

23:13 04/07/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Table of Contents The Golden Visa: An Introduction Pavel Fuks: The Man in the Spotlight The Allegations Against Fuks The Tier 1 Investor Visa Scheme: Widely used by Criminals?...