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United Kingdom Border Agency

London Met threatened with Tier 2 Sponsorship Licence revocation

19:08 18/11/2015
UK Immigration has been criticised for 'outrageous interference in the running of London Metropolitan University,' according to a report published by Times Higher Education. Documents confirm that...

UK immigration issues list of unsatisfactory Bangladeshi banks

12:01 30/11/2012
The United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) has issued a list of Bangladeshi banks that it considers 'do not satisfactorily verify financial statements'. As of 13th December 2012, the UKBA will no longer...

UK PM pledges to curb access to judicial review in immigration cases

11:07 28/11/2012
David Cameron has announced that the UK government is to reform the 'judicial review' court procedure. This will have a significant effect on thousands of immigration cases. Judicial review is a...

UK Border Agency issues guidance for students at London Metropolitan

11:09 03/10/2012
The United Kingdom Border Agency (UKBA) has issued guidance for students from outside the European Economic Area who are students at London Metropolitan University (LMU). On 29th August 2012, the...

UK's immigration tip-offs database goes live

10:51 03/10/2012
The United Kingdom Border Agency's National Allegations Database (NAD) went live on Sunday 30th September 2012. The UKBA says that it will help it to track down illegal immigrants. The NAD will...

UK Border Agency warns of 'unscrupulous visa agents' in Thailand and Vietnam

16:50 28/09/2012
The United Kingdom Border Agency, the UKBA, has issued a warning about unscrupulous visa agents operating in Vietnam and Thailand. If you are thinking of applying for a UK visa, the UKBA has issued a...