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Universities Scotland

Scottish universities blame UK immigration for fewer Indian students

19:37 14/02/2013
A group representing Scottish universities has criticised the UK immigration authorities for a fall in the number of students studying in Scotland from certain key developing countries including...

Scottish universities campaign against UK immigration cap

10:13 18/01/2011
Scottish Universities are warning the UK Government that Scotland will have one of the strictest visa regimes in the World for foreign students if the Government goes ahead with its plans to reduce...

UK universities seek to attract and assist more university students

12:05 22/09/2006
• Watch This Video Universities UK, which represents university vice-chancellors, wants the scheme which gives graduates of Scottish universities easier access to visas to be extended to England,...

England to launch its own Fresh Talent Scheme

18:25 12/12/2005
An immigration policy that gives Scotland a competitive advantage in attracting immigrants is to be undermined by a similar scheme introduced across the UK . A version of the Fresh Talent Initiative...