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L1 Visa Process: Timeframes & Expedited Processing

23:33 22/08/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Navigating the world of US immigration can be a complex endeavor. For companies looking to expand their operations to the US, one of the most viable options in many cases is the L1...

Global E2 Visa Processing Times for Treaty Investors

23:09 11/08/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Introduction The E2 visa , the Treaty Investor Visa, is a unique opportunity for entrepreneurs and businessmen from treaty countries to establish their business footprint in the...

Drug Use and Prince Harry's US Visa Application

0:19 12/07/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Introduction The saga surrounding Prince Harry and his approved US visa application continues. The US government has once again declined to disclose any details about his immigration...

US Business and Work Visas: E2 Visa vs L1 Visa - Which one?

0:23 07/06/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Navigating the world of US business and work visas can be challenging, with various options available depending on your situation. Two common visas for entrepreneurs, investors, and...

Prince Harry's US Visa Under Scrutiny: An In-Depth Analysis

19:04 26/05/2023
By Sanwar Ali : Introduction The US visa of Prince Harry, the Duke of Sussex, has come under intense scrutiny following a lawsuit filed by the Heritage Foundation against the US Department of...

L1 visa holders file lawsuit against USCIS over L2 visas

12:14 01/10/2021
A 16-strong group of L1 visa and H1B visa holders, most of whom are Indian, have filed a class action lawsuit against United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS). The lawsuit has been...