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U.S. Department of Labor

Donald Trump continues to hire foreign workers on H-2B visas and H-1B visas

0:12 06/11/2016
Recent revelations confirm Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump 's hypocritical behaviour concerning immigration in the United States. It was reported by BuzzFeed News on Wednesday 27 July...

Mixed news for US jobs and economic data

15:16 13/07/2006
The U.S. Department of Labor released its analysis for jobs growth in the United States and unemployment for June. The news is mixed, but generally does not change significantly from the past several...

Research finds US H1B visa holders paid less

15:58 26/10/2005
A recent report suggests that US employers are using the H-1B visa program to pay lower wages than the national average for programming jobs. According to "The Bottom of the Pay Scale: Wages for H-1B...