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US Embassy

Indian immigration accuses US embassy teachers of visa fraud

18:39 31/01/2014
Indian immigration authorities have accused staff at the US embassy school in New Delhi of tax and visa offences. This is being seen as retaliation for the arrest of an Indian diplomat in New York...

US July visa bulletin – Apply for EB-2 visa application by 29 June!

15:57 20/06/2012
If you have an US EB-2 employment based petition with a priority date later than 1 January 2009 and are not from China or India then you should file your adjustment of status visa application or...

UAE wants easier US visa regulations and be added to visit visa waiver program

11:15 16/03/2012
The Dubai Chamber of Commerce and Industry is pushing for the US to ease B-1/B-2 visit visa requirements for United Arab Emirates nationals to make it easier for them to visit the US. Hamad Buamim,...

New Kansas program would help undocumented immigrants in the US

14:28 07/02/2012
A group of Kansas businesses in the US proposes a new program to help undocumented immigrants to be able to stay in the state so they can work in agriculture and in other industries with labour...

US embassy expects increase in visa applications made by Indians

15:18 01/02/2012
Following US President Barack Obama's announcement of the streamlining of the visa application process for tourists, the US Embassy in New Delhi, India has announced they expect a significant...

US hints at possible visit visa waiver scheme for Taiwan

15:52 22/11/2011
The US Department of State may add Taiwan as a candidate for the United States Visa-Waiver Program (VWP) by next month, according to Taiwan's Foreign Minister Timothy Yang. Senior US officials have...