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U.S. State Department

US sees huge increase in visa applications in Brazil and China

15:11 09/11/2011
The U.S. State Department announced Monday they will significantly increase the number of US Embassy visa officials in Brazil and China over the next year, citing a surge in demand for US visas in...

Vacationing Americans furious at new passport rules

19:43 08/06/2007
New rules that require everyone to have a passport to cross the United States border are inconveniencing Americans who want to go on vacation. Politicians in Washington D.C. have received so many...

U.S. Green Card Lottery applications now accepted

14:32 05/10/2005
The U.S. State Department has announced that registration for the 2007 Diversity Visa Lottery, also know as the Green Card Lottery, will begin at noon local time on October 5, 2005. Persons seeking...