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US state by state immigration rules

19:54 10/07/2006
As the United States ' federal government wrestles with the immigration issue, states are implementing their own plans. Here's a state-by-state look: Alabama Training 70 state troopers with the power...

Shortfall of US National Guard at Mexican border

15:49 30/06/2006
President George Bush called for approximately 6,000 National Guard by the end of July to temporarily patrol the U.S.-Mexican border in a policy speech in May. The idea was to immediately increase...

Sri Lankan girl given UN Refugee Status after NZ deportation

19:47 27/03/2006
A Sri-Lankan teenager who was refused aslum by the New Zealand governement and deported in handcuffs under heavy sedation has been granted refugee status by the United Nations. The young woman was...

Opinion: the catch-22 of US immigration policy

11:10 13/02/2006
This article appeared in the Washington Post, and is an opinion piece written by two lawyers. Stacy Caplow is a professor and director of the Safe Harbor Project at Brooklyn Law School. Lauren...

US crime database often wrong on immigration, study finds

12:32 12/12/2005
More than 8,000 people have been mistakenly blamed for US immigration violations as a result of the Bush administration's strategy of entering the names of thousands of immigrants in a national crime...

Asia, Europe to introduce biometric passports by 2010

17:02 06/12/2005
Countries in Asia and Europe are planning to introduce passports with biometric data by 2010 to help fight terrorism, an Indonesian immigration official said Dec. 6. Indonesia hopes to began issuing...