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Western Australia

Western Australia continues call for more immigrants

16:51 26/03/2011
Western Australia is continuing its efforts to recruit workers from abroad in an effort to head off labour shortages. The Australian state expects to create 240,000 new jobs as AUD $225 million in...

Western Australia sees sharp increase in skilled migrants

19:49 09/03/2011
Businesses in Western Australia (WA) have recorded a sharp increase in the number of Dutch, Malaysian and Irish workers being sponsored to fill skilled job vacancies. Close to 4000 skilled migrants...

Australia: Mining sector welcomes plans to increase skilled migration

15:07 07/03/2011
The Australian mining industry has had some good news recently; Recent reports suggest that the government may increase levels of skilled migratio n to Australia . As the Australian economy picks up...

United Kingdom citizens flock to Western Australia

17:37 26/01/2011
Official Australian government statistics show that the largest source of immigrants to the Australian state came from the United Kingdom and New Zealand . 19.5 percent of immigrants to Western...

Western Australia lures skilled migrants

11:51 14/12/2010
The Western Australian government is trying its best to attract overseas skilled workers in an attempt to deal with labour shortages in its mining sector. Western Australian Training and Workforce...

457 Work Visas a popular option for Australian employers

14:49 01/12/2010
Australia's temporary employment-based immigration scheme, the Subclass 457 work visa , is a very useful visa category for Australian employers who wish to hire overseas workers. Recent statistics...