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Analysis shows Brexit wrong about UK immigration

13:25 28/06/2016
According to an analysis of net migration carried out by The Independent, only 24 percent of migration to the UK since 1990 can be attributed to Britain's membership of the European Union. Ahead of...

Hungary Suspends Acceptance of Asylum Seekers

16:43 07/07/2015
Hungary is taking steps to make it difficult for asylum seekers to claim asylum in their Country. So far this year nearly 72,000 asylum seekers have reached Hungary via the border with Serbia. Most...

Immigration a 'critical factor' to EU's competitiveness

13:10 17/10/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News Businesses taking part in an informal debate on a common immigration pact in the European Union feel that highly skilled immigration is extremely important...

Minorities in Eastern Europe more likely to emigrate

19:50 30/11/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News According to research released by the Global Economic Policy Centre (GEP) at Nottingham University, minorities in Eastern Europe are more likely to emigrate...

EU wants visa-free regime to US for all members

17:10 31/07/2007
• Media Center » Video Immigration News European Union justice commissioner Franco Frattini told reporters in Budapest on 30 July 2007 that the 27 member bloc should no longer stand for...

Switzerland relaxes immigration laws for most European nations

9:38 04/06/2007
• Watch This Video The Swiss government relaxed its immigration laws on 01 June 2007, allowing more workers from Western European nations to seek employment within the country. The new rules will...