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Migrants may consider Western Canada after economic boom

10:39 12/11/2014
The greatest increases in economic growth can be seen in the Western part of Canada according to the latest figures from Statistics Canada. This economic growth in Western Canada is largely due to a...

Canadian government announces faster travel to US for Nexus card holders

15:00 30/12/2011
Following the Beyond the Border announcement made by Canadian Prime Minister Stephen Harper and US President Barack Obama earlier this month, flying to the US from Canada will soon become faster and...

Jason Kenney upbeat on immigration to Canada

11:22 14/11/2008
• Media Center » Video Immigration News In a speech in Winnipeg, Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism for Canada , emphasized the government's continued commitment...

Canada - Manitoba province improves immigration strategy

10:47 04/07/2007
• Watch This Video Manitoba Labour and Immigration Minister Nancy Allan has announced improvements to Manitoba's settlement and integration approach in its bid to attract and retain immigrants to...

Rural Canada gaining more immigrants

10:53 06/02/2006
Rural communities in Manitoba, Canada are experiencing immigration growth, despite recent statistics showing a marked decrease in Manitoba's population. In the first three quarters of 2005, 17,867...