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World Health Organisation

Poll: Rich Chinese want to emigrate

17:59 18/06/2014
A poll of Chinese millionaires reveals that 65% of them want to gain permanent residence in overseas Countries. They give various reasons for wishing to do so such as a desire to access better...

UK to rollout TB screening requirements for Indians from 16 August

19:43 10/08/2012
The UKBA has announced that there will be a gradual rollout of pre-entry tuberculosis (TB) screening requirements in India, beginning with UK settlement visa applications from 16 August 2012. The...

UK immigration to require tuberculosis screening for some UK visa applicants

14:36 28/05/2012
The UK Home Office announced that immigrants from countries with a high incidence of tuberculosis (TB) will soon be required to be screened for the disease before being approved for a UK visa. UK...

UK work permit exemption rescinded for medical students

11:10 06/06/2006
An exemption for requiring a work permit for post-graduate doctors and dentists working in the UK was eliminated on 3 April 2006 in many cases. Only those who originally qualified in the UK can...