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Weekly news update: Canada

18:34 21/09/2010
Weekly news update: Canada

Visa Delay

16:13 14/01/2009

IRB to speed up

14:55 17/12/2008
Canada announces the appointments to the Immigration and Refugee Board (IRB).

Work permits for NAFTA

11:36 17/12/2008
Canada has announced the introduction of 3-year renewable work permit for professionals of the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA).

Levels and priorities, 2009

9:43 03/12/2008
Jason Kenney, Canadian Minister of Immigration has confirmed that Canada will maintain its positive stance on immigration by setting a target of 240 000 to 265 000 new permanent residents for 2009.

Canada's points based system rethink

9:10 26/11/2008
A senior fellow at the Canada West Foundation in Calgary feels that Canada's points based immigration system is failing in one of its fundamental objectives by not necessarily selecting immigrants...