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Jason Kenney upbeat

9:31 19/11/2008
Jason Kenney, Minister of Citizenship, Immigration and Multiculturalism for Canada, emphasized the government's continued commitment to maintaining a dynamic immigration program and to the successful...

Ontario wants immigration

13:20 05/11/2008
The Ontario food industry has been lobbying the provincial government to allow them to bring more foreign workers to Canada on work permits.

new immigration minister

10:48 05/11/2008
Canadian Prime Minister, Stephen Harper has reshuffled his cabinet after being re-elected, with Jason Kenney replacing Diane Finley as immigration minister.

increasing immigration

9:36 29/10/2008
According to the study by the Conference Board of Canada, immigration levels in Canada will need to increase significantly if economic growth is to continue.

Canada immigrants

19:58 15/10/2008
Canada immigrants 2008-10-15

Canadian Expirience Class

18:59 10/09/2008
Canadian Expirience Class 2008-09-10