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Other countries

Ireland, English proficiency

11:31 12/11/2008
Under plans being discussed within the Irish Government, foreign workers wishing to renew their work permits may have to prove that they can speak an adequate level of English.

EU, Ukraine travel

11:44 05/11/2008
The European Union has started discussions with Ukraine on a possible visa free travel regime for Ukrainian citizens.

EU Blue Card

19:50 29/10/2008
The European Union Blue Card proposal is expected to be voted on next month at a European Union Council of Ministers of Justice and Home Affairs meeting. Ministers are expected to green-light the...

EU immigration - `critical factor`

18:18 22/10/2008
European businesses have been taking part in an informal debate on the need for skilled workers from outside of the European Union. There doesn't seem any doubt that highly skilled immigration is...

Sweden - proposed changes

14:33 22/10/2008
The Swedish government is proposing changes to their immigration policies that would grant more power to employers in deciding whether they need to recruit foreign labor. The proposal calls for the...

Denmark - Indian IT workers

10:22 22/10/2008
The Danish Immigration Service (DIS) undertook a fact finding mission to New Delhi and Bangalore, India during the first half of May this year. They have now released a report entitled 'Recruitment...