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Weekly news update: Denmark

13:33 21/09/2010
Weekly news update: Denmark

EU migrant population

19:33 17/12/2008
A net inflow of migrants helped push the population of the European Union close to half a billion people in 2008.

Schengen Agreement

19:08 17/12/2008
On 12 December 2008, Switzerland became the 25th member of the Schengen zone.

Ireland visa rules

18:54 03/12/2008
The Irish Government is to consider the introduction of new visa requirements for visitors from 11 non-EU countries, a move which would reflect the possible stance of the UK authorities.

European Union Blue Card

11:10 26/11/2008
The EU Blue Card has been in the spotlight this week.It is expected that the Blue Card proposal will be voted upon in the European Council in early 2009.

Filipino workers in demand

10:25 26/11/2008
Countries actively seeking workers from the Philippines to help counter skills shortages.