How do I apply for a Netherlands Work Permit?

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As of April 1st 2014 the application process for Dutch work and residence permits has been streamlined. Now either employers or workers who plan to work in the Netherlands for longer than 3 months can make a single application to the Netherlands Immigration and Naturalisation Service for a Combined residence and employment permit (GVVA).

However, the following groups of people are not entitled to the GVVA permit

  • Non-EEA nationals who plan to work in the Netherlands for less than 3 months
  • Students

  • Seasonal workers

  • Asylum seekers

  • International company employees who have been seconded to the Netherlands

  • Nationals of Croatia

These people must still apply for a TWV employment permit from the Employee Insurance Agency, and then must apply separately for a residence permit from the Immigration and Naturalisation service.

Our specialist immigration lawyers and advisers can guide you through this process, and even handle the entire application for you.