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Australia and New Zealand Immigration News

Suspension of Priority Processing for IT Professionals in Australia

15:47 16/07/2002
The Immigration Minister of Australia, Philip Ruddock, recently announced that priority visa processing arrangements for Information and Communications Technology (ICT) workers would be suspended...

Australian Skilled Migration points test increase

13:10 08/05/2002
From 8 May 2002 the pass and pool marks for some general skilled migrationvisa categories has changed. These changes only effect you if you lodged your application on or after 8May 2002. If you...

Changes to Passmark for New Zealand immigration General Skills Category

15:18 01/05/2002
It has jus t been announced by the New Zealand Immigration Service (NZIS)that from 18 June 2002 to 31 July 2002, overseas nationals applying for permanent residence in New Zealand under the General...

DIMIA announces new MODL list on 18 April: Implications for IT Professionals

11:41 01/04/2002
Recent changes to the Migration Occupations in Demand List by DIMIA mayaffect the number of points skilled migrants intend to claim on their visaapplication points tests. Major changes include the...

Australian Points System Centralised

15:46 01/03/2002
Australia, which has a popular points-based independent immigration programme (the ‘General Skilledcategory’), has centralized the administration of this system in a newspecialized Skilled Processing...

Australian Court rejects International Law

10:34 01/02/2002
The Australian High Court has upheld the Australian Government’s decision in September to prevent 433 asylum seekers rescued by a Norwegian cargo ship, from entering Australia. This verdict involves...