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Australia and New Zealand Immigration News

Australia Immigration - Citizenship ceremonies mark national day

18:48 26/01/2005
A record number of people became citizens this year on January 26, Australia Day, the ABC broadcasting network reported. Around 12,000 people became citizens in 275 ceremonies on the public holiday...

Australia immigration - offshore passenger screening expanded

12:19 24/01/2005
Passengers and crew on all airlines that regularly fly to Australiaare now being screened overseas prior to boarding, Australia'sDepartment of Immigration and Multicultural and Indigenous Affairs(...

Australia immigration - More Immigration from India

11:06 21/01/2005
New arrivals from India are making up an increasing proportion of migrants to Australia , the Sydney Morning Herald newspaper reports. According to a publication called The 2005 Year Book of...

More temporary entrants choosing immigration to Australia

10:30 21/01/2005
An increasing proportion of permanent Australian immigration applications are made by people already in the country temporarily for study or skilled employment , according to Australia's Department...

Australian immigration - US and UK top sources for overstayers

16:56 20/01/2005
Many people may be surprised to know that British and American nationals make up the greatest number of overstayers, according to a new report released by Australia's Department of Immigration and...

Australia to introduce online health assessment

14:06 17/01/2005
Applicants for Australian visas will be able to put their medical data online, the first time this technology has been used anywhere in the World, Australia's Department of Immigration and...