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Big increase in UK Home Office immigration fees

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UPDATE: This news item is out of date. The Home Office has increased the fees as of 01 April 2007. Please see the the article we posted detailing the new Home Office fees.

There is a significant increase in Government fees from 12.01am on 1 April 2005 with the fees doubling or more than doubling for many types of application from this date. We include details of the latest Government fees for immigration and nationality applications below:

Application TypePostal Service (£)Premium Service (£)
Indefinite leave to remain
Leave to Remain335500
Leave to Remain (Immigration Employment Document holders)335500
Student Leave to Remain250500
Transfer of Visa to new passport
Transfer of Leave160500
Highly Skilled Migrant Programme315-
Sectors Based Scheme153-
Travel Documents (CID)195-
Child CID115-
Travel Documents (CTD)42-
Child CTD25-
Nationality – Right of Abode120-
Nationality – Naturalisation 6(1) including citizenship ceremony fee268-
Nationality – Naturalisation 6(2) including citizenship ceremony fee268-
Nationality – Naturalisation Joint 6(1) including two separate citizenship ceremony fees
Nationality – Adult Registration including citizenship ceremony fee188-
Nationality – Minor Registration (single and multiple)200-
Nationality – Renunciation120-

One of the most significant changes is that all same day applications at the Home Office will be charged at the rate of GBP500 which is double the previous rate. HSMP application fees are going up to GBP315.

Also,as mentioned in a previous report further leave to remain applications for work permit holders and those who come under HSMP can be dealt with on the same day for a fee of GBP500. However, this can only be dealt with at the Home Office Immigration Directorate in Croydon.

There has also been an announcement of targets for processing times for applications for the 2005/6 period:

Immigration Employment Document Applications by Post

(required for those applying to remain on a work permit or HSMP in the UK)

  • 70% within 20 working days
  • 90% within 45 working days

Immigration Employment Document Applications in person

  • 98% within 24 hours
  • 50% within 25 working days

HSMP Applications made at Work Permits UK

(Same day applications not possible)

  • 90% within 70 working days

It is hoped that the increase in fees will result in a much improved service from the Home Office Immigration Directorate and Work Permits UK. We will keep you informed of latest processing times in our news reports.

You will find details of the various UK immigration and work permit categories in the UK section of our site.