Canada announces Internationally Trained Workers Initiative

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The Government of Canada has launched a new programme entitled Internationally Trained Workers Initiative. It is hoped that the project will improve the integration of immigrants and internationally trained Canadians into the work force.

The Initiative includes the following:

- Reduction of shortages of health-care professionals in Canada. Funding will be provided (
$75 million over the next five years) to improve the integration of internationally trained doctors, nurses and other health-care professionals into the Canadian health care system

- Human Resources and Skills Development Canada's launch of the Foreign Credential Recognition program, which will provide funding (
$68 million in funding over six years) to facilitate the assessment and recognition of foreign qualifications for both regulated and non-regulated occupations

- the Government of Canada's launch of the Going to Canada Immigration Portal, which will be implemented in cooperation with the provinces and territories

- Continued funding to the Enhanced Language Training initiative, which helps immigrants acquire the language skills necessary to obtain and retain jobs according to their levels of skill and experience

- Canadian Heritage's recently launched Action Plan Against Racism, which provides funding for measures to combat the discrimination Canadians sometimes face, including discrimination in the workplace, and to help realize Canada's vision of an inclusive and equitable society

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