Canada funds more programs for immigrant communities

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The federal government of Canada has been funding a number of programs designed to help immigrants settle, adapt, and integrate into Canadian society. The programs are delivered in partnership with provinces, territories, and service-providing organizations.

The Immigrant Settlement and Adaption Program (ISAP) provides orientation, referral and counseling services. The ISAP also helps migrants connect with volunteers who can help them access services, establish contacts in their field of work, and participate in the community.

Under this program, organizations such as the YMCA of Brantford, Ontario will receive funding from the federal government to assist them in these goals. The Brantford YMCA will receive funding totalling more than CAD $597,000 over three years and will use the money to deliver a variety of settlement services.

The Learning Enrichment Foundation of Toronto will also receive more than $750,000 in funding under the ISAP, which will go towards orientation and interpretation services, as well as job search referrals. The Foundation will also help migrants access information on social services, housing, immigration and citizenship, as well as provide support.

Canada is one of the most welcoming countries in the world for immigrants. 19 percent of the population is foreign-born and over 200,000 immigrants make Canada their home every year. A major part of Canada's immigration strategy lies in their skilled migration program, which helps the nation ease skills shortages and keeps Canada globally competitive.