Canada invests $920 million in Ontario immigration

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The Government of Canada will invest an additional $920 million over the next five years in immigration-related issues Ontario. The funding is intended to help more newcomers reach their full potential in Ontario by increasing the money for services to help them settle, integrate and access language training. Joe Volpe, Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, and the Honourable Mike Colle, Ontario Minister of Citizenship and Immigration, signed the Canada–Ontario Immigration Agreement.

The agreement formalizes how the two levels of government will work together in the area of immigration. It also signals a shared desire to optimize the economic benefits of immigration and ensure that immigration policies and programs respond to Ontario's social, economic development and labour market priorities.

Ontario welcomes more than half of all new immigrants coming to Canada every year.

"This is a significant milestone, laying a foundation for the governments of Canada and Ontario to work together in collaboration with municipalities and official language minority communities to improve the social and economic integration of immigrants in the province," said Minister Volpe.

"This is truly a landmark agreement for our province and a history-making investment in the successful integration of the 125,000 new immigrants Ontario welcomes each year," added Minister Colle.