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Canada - Labour shortages identified in Toronto

A study funded by Human Resources Development Canada has found that growth in the Ontario city of Toronto will be halted unless gaps in the labour market are filled by the year 2010.

The study claims that by then, over 400,000 new jobs will need to be filled, which actually represents 13% of the entire labour market. The existing work force may need to be replaced by then, especially in skilled positions requiring a minimum qualification of at least a bachelor's degree.

The study recommends that the main solution to filling these gaps in the labour market would be immigration.

The government has been urged to support immigration programmes and efforts to integrate new migrants into the Canadian workforce. In light of this, the Toronto Region Immigrant Employment Council was created this month0 to improve access to certain areas of employment for immigrants in the Toronto area. The Council aims to bring together government, community organizations, employers, educators and other actors to improve access to employment for immigrants in the region so that they are able to use their skills, education, and experience more effectively.

One example of a Council project is to target a number of internships for immigrants under the pilot programme "Career Bridge" which will commence in November. This is one way to ensure that new migrants have equal access to certain jobs in fields such as engineering, accounting, and the IT field.

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