Canada: Saskatchewan improves foreign credential recognition

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Many employers in the Canadian province of Saskatchewan are struggling to find personnel qualified in mechanical trades-related occupations. However, the available pool of workers should increase due to a new test project that will make it easier for immigrants in Saskatchewan to have their foreign credentials recognized.

The new project, announced by Lynne Yelich, Member of Parliament for Blackstrap and Monte Solberg, Parliamentary Secretary to the Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, will result in a system that will make it easier for immigrants to have their credentials and job experience obtained abroad recognized as being equivalent to established Canadian standards.

"The Government of Canada is committed to creating the best-educated, most skilled, and most flexible work force in the world," said Yelich.

"This project will help new Canadians immigrating to Saskatchewan get their international credentials recognized before arriving in Canada," she added. "It will benefit immigrants as well as employers who are struggling with skilled labour shortages, and be good for the Saskatchewan economy."

The Foreign Credentials Recognition Support for Labour Market Needs in Saskatchewan project will receive an investment of CAD $3 million by the Canadian federal government.