Canada Simplified Application Process takes effect next week

At the beginning of the summer, Canada introduced a new simplified application process for federal skilled workers and business immigrants (the Skilled Worker and Business Class categories). On Friday, 01 September 2006, many immigrants in the Federal Economic Class of applicants will only be required to provide the modified application form (IMM 0008SW or IMM 0008BU).

Processing fees will now be submitted at the time of application. Supporting documents will need to be provided only when the visa office is ready to assess the application.

The Simplified Application Process will not change the actual document requirements, only the process by which applications are reviewed.

Under this process, only a basic application form and the fee are submitted to begin. This guarantees a place in the processing queue, also meaning the regulations in effect on that date will apply to the submitted application. When the visa office is ready to assess your application (in most situations, approximately four months), only then will a person be asked to send the required supporting documentation.

Who should use the simplified application process?

Most applicants will qualify for the simplified application process. People must use the simplified application process unless they:

• are a provincial nominee; or

• have been selected by Quebec; or

• are eligible for points for arranged employment; or

• have a legal temporary resident status in Canada as a worker or a student and are submitting their application at the Canadian visa office in Buffalo; or

• have a legal status in the United States and are submitting their application through the Canadian visa office in Buffalo.

When submitting an application, a person must use visa office-specific instructions. The region, country and/or city of origin of the applicant will have slightly different and explicit requirements.

Different Canadian visa offices are responsible for:

• the country in which you are residing, provided you have been lawfully admitted to that country for at least one year; or

• your country of nationality.

Instructions will apply to :

• instructions about where to send your application; and

• instructions about how to pay the fees.

Effective 01 September 2006, the above policy changes may affect you; be familiar with the most important city/region that applies to your situation:

Africa, Europe and the Middle East

• Abidjan, Ivory Coast

• Accra, Ghana

• Ankara, Turkey

• Berlin, Germany

• Bucharest, Romania

• Cairo, Egypt

• Damascus, Syria

• Kyiv, Ukraine

• London, Great Britain

• Moscow, Russia

• Nairobi, Kenya

• Paris, France

• Pretoria, South Africa

• Rabat, Morocco

• Rome, Italy

• Tel Aviv, Israel

• Vienna, Austria

• Warsaw, Poland


• Beijing, China

• Colombo, Sri Lanka

• Hong Kong, China

• Islamabad, Pakistan

• Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia

• Manila, Philippines

• New Delhi, India

• Seoul, Korea

• Singapore, Singapore

• Sydney, Australia

• Taipei, Taiwan

North America, South America, Latin America or the Caribbean

• Bogotá, Colombia

• Buenos Aires, Argentina

• Buffalo, U.S.A.

• Caracas, Venezuela

• Guatemala City, Guatemala

• Havana, Cuba

• Kingston, Jamaica

• Lima, Peru

• Mexico City, Mexico

• Port-au-Prince, Haiti

• Port of Spain, Trinidad and Tobago

• Santiago, Chile

• São Paulo, Brazil


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