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In-Country UK Work Permit Applications

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The Work Permits (UK) Passport Team is currently dealing with a largeback-log of Leave to Remain decisions. This is the “immigration” side of theWork Permit application process which takes place after the Work Permit has beenapproved. The work permit applicant’s passport is then referred to thePassport Team who decides whether or not to allow the applicant permission tostay in the UK.

Although your work permit application will be dealt with by the Home Officein only a matter of days, your passport will be kept by the Home Office pendingtheir decision to allow you permission to stay in the UK. This part of theapplication process can take up to 8 weeks. Please note that you may take upyour employment during this time.

Work Permits (UK) is doing everything possible to clear this backlog. If youneed your passport for travel / proof of identification etc, then Work Permits(UK) should be able to expedite the process for you. You are of course requiredto back this up with relevant documentation (eg copies of flight tickets etc..).

If you would like further details of work permits and entry to the UK go tothe UK section of our web-site.