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Engineers needed for UK skill shortage

Britain has a skill shortage of engineering specialities, and it's growing. However, the supply of qualified engineers (so far) has not. Especially for the development of new and innovative technologies, this is critical problem that needs to be solved.

Recently, the shortage of medical professionals, such as doctors, dentists and nurses was abated somewhat by an intense recruiting program to draw in foreign born professionals. A similar push is on to bring in engineering professionals.

In a recent report to the UKRC by the Equal Opportunities Commission (EOC), it is noted that only one in twelve engineers is a women. The ETB Research Report from 2005 claims 2.8% of engineers registered with the Engineering Council are women. Yet at the same time, the government notes that the British economy is suffering due to a lack of qualified engineers.

Opportunities abound for women who wish to enter school and qualify as engineers. With recent changes in the HSMP visa, it should be noted that foreign-born graduates of UK universities in the medical field are not subject to the same constraints of persons who are not residents of the UK or EEA and have graduated from universities elsewhere.


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