English Language Requirements for UK Naturalization

New UK naturalization regulations were announced by the IND yesterday that require all applicants for naturalization, including those who are married to British citizens, to have a sufficient level of English language skills and to provide evidence that they meet this language requirement.

Applicants can show that they meet this requirement in one of two ways, by either:

  • sending in a certificate showing that you have achieved a qualification in “English for Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) skills for life Entry 3,” as approved by the Qualifications and Curriculum Authority; or
  • sending in written confirmation from a person covered by the new regulations stating that you have a different qualification which shows that you speak English to at least an ESOL Entry 3 standard for the purpose of naturalization.

Applications made on or after 28 July will not be successful unless you can show that you meet the requirements for naturalisation including this new language requirement.

You can get a language waiver from the Secretary of State if he determines that your age or physical or mental condition would prohibit you from meeting this requirement. The language requirement may alternatively be met by providing evidence of having a sufficient knowledge of the Welsh or Scottish Gaelic language instead of English.