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Europe Immigration News

Spain grants 700,000 illegal immigrants legal status

14:29 10/05/2005
Spain has granted amnesty to 700,000 illegal immigrants, the Guardian reports. The Spanish Government hopes this will help to end exploitation of those working secretly in the black economy. Illegal...

Study finds immigrants help German economy

10:42 25/04/2005
A recent study finds that immigrants in Germany are not harming the economy, but often become self employed and currently employ more than one million people, Deutsche Welle reports. A new study...

Georgia scraps visa requirements for many Western countries

14:05 14/04/2005
The Georgian government announced on 13 April 2005 that Georgia will unilaterally cancel visa requirements for citizens of the United States, Japan, Israel, Canada and EU member countries as an...

Netherlands may restrict access to social security benefits to immigrants

17:18 11/03/2005
The Dutch Government will look at introducing new restrictions on social security benefits to immigrants, the website reports. The Netherlands' Social Affairs State Secretary Henk van...

Norway seeks to deter asylum seekers

10:16 01/03/2005
Norway is to consider requiring large bank deposits from tourists coming from certain Countries in a bid to discourage asylum seekers from entering the Country, the newspaper Aftenposten reports...

Poland to enter EU border agreement

13:44 27/01/2005
Further integrating Europe's immigration rules, Poland announced on January 26 that it will join the European Union's Schengen Agreement, the newspaper Gazeta Wyborcza reports. This means that when...