Exciting opportunities for UK Tier 2 visa with UK visa sponsorship

Workpermit.com is working with clients who are prepared to Sponsor Tier 2 visas for high level staff with in-demand skills. Please send your CV to Tier2jobs@workpermit.com if you are in one of the categories below:

Senior IT professionals with experience in

  • SAP
  • Cognos
  • Oracle Apps
  • Change Management

Qualified Doctors registered with the UK's GMC, especially those in shortage occupations as detailed below:

Consultants in the following specialities:

  • audiological medicine
  • genito-urinary medicine
  • haematology
  • medical microbiology and virology
  • neurology
  • nuclear medicine
  • obstetrics and gynaecology
  • occupational medicine
  • paediatric surgery

Consultants in the following specialities of psychiatry:

  • forensic psychiatry
  • general psychiatry
  • learning disabilities psychiatry
  • old age psychiatry

Non-consultant, non-training, medical staff posts in the following specialities:

  • anaesthetics
  • paediatrics and general medicine specialities
  • delivering acute care services (intensive care medicine, general internal medicine (acute), emergency medicine, general surgery, obstetrics and gynaecology, and trauma andorthopaedic surgery).
  • ST4 level trainees in paediatrics

The roles will require you to be highly flexible between different sites in the UK, and to have an ability to be proactive in securing new contract assignments, but for the right individuals they offer excellent rewards

Applicants should send, as well as their CV, a covering note to Tier2jobs@workpermit.com explaining their plans, why they want to work in the UK, and why they would be an effective hire for a UK employer.