Fee increases likely for Home Office Immigration Applications

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It is likely that the Home Office fees for a number of immigration applications will go up from April 2005. This represents a huge increase in the fees charged by the Government for most types of immigration applications. The premium service fees for applications dealt with on the same day has doubled. The postal service fees in some cases have more than doubled.

It is interesting to note that from April 2005 it is likely that you will be able to make same day applications for leave to remain (immigration employment document holders). The lengthy processing times (about thirteen weeks) for leave to remain applications for immigration employment document holders which mainly covers those on a work permit or HSMP has caused serious problems for many people who are left without their passports for months and so are unable to travel outside of the UK. However, you will have to pay GBP500 to use the same day premium service.

Application TypePostal Service (£)Premium Service (£)
Leave to Remain335500
Leave to Remain
(Immigration Employment
Document holders)
Student Leave to Remain250500
Transfer of Leave160500
Highly Skilled Migrant Programme315-
Sectors Based Scheme153-
Travel Documents (CID)195-
Child CID115-
Travel Documents (CTD)42-
Child CTD25-
Nationality – ROA120-
Nationality – 6(1)200-
Nationality – 6(2)200-
Nationality – Adult Registration120-
Nationality – Minor single and multiple200-
Nationality – renunciation120-

Fees for other immigration applications remain unchanged.