Health care occupations removed from UK shortage occupation list

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Today, 29 May 2007, a few health care occupations have been removed from the UK's National Shortage Occupation List. The list contains occupations that an employer is not required to advertize for before employing a skilled migrant under a work permit from outside the European Economic Area (EEA).

The occupations removed from the list are as follows:

  • Senior Physiotherapists
  • Salaried General Dental Practitioners
  • Salaried Assistant Dentists
  • Salaried Vocational Dental Practitioners

All work permit applications received by the Border and Immigration Agency on or after 29 May 2007 will now be subject to the full "resident labour test", which means that employers wishing to hire for these positions are required to show that all reasonable steps were taken to hire someone from within the EEA.

Teachers for all posts in Scotland covering compulsory schooling were recently added to the list.


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