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Increase in UK visa applications from Jamaicans

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The British High Commission has announced that visa applications from Jamaicans wishing to visit the UK this year are up over 30 percent compared to the same period last year.

The British High Commission processes around of 11,000 visa applications per year in Jamaica.

While this increase could be attributed to the upcoming Olympic Games in London, Deputy high commissioner to Jamaica, Graham Glover said that under 10 percent of UK visa applicants have said that they have Olympic tickets and will be spectators at the Games.

"We are pleased to say that visa processing times are also still within our global target of over 90 percent of applications decided within 15 working days," Glover said.

The British High Commission, located in Kingston, Jamaica can process all UK visa applications for Jamaican nationals. To apply for a visa, you must:
  • complete and submit a visa application form online;
  • book an appointment to submit the application and your biometric information at the visa application centre at the British High Commission in Kingston;
  • be ready to enrol your fingerprints and photograph at the visa application centre; and
  • make the necessary payments online.
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