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Japanese Working Holidaymakers in the UK

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Following the agreement by Prime Ministers Blair and Mori the UK-Japan YouthExchange scheme will begin in April 2001.

It will provide opportunities for young British and Japanese people todevelop a fuller understanding of the others' country, culture, people, societyand way of life through an extended stay. The Scheme will permit young Britishpeople between the ages of 18 and 25* to spend up to a year in Japan and youngJapanese to spend a similar length of time in Britain.

During their stay, participants in either country will be able to take workincidental to their holiday in order to supplement their travel funds. A specialvisa will be issued to successful applicants.

Are you a young Japanese person who would like to visit the United Kingdomfor a "working holiday"? If so, do you meet all of the followingcriteria?

You are a Japanese national, currently present in Japan.

You intend primarily to holiday in the UK for up to a year.

You will be between 18 and 25 years of age

You will not be accompanied by children.

You will not be accompanied by a spouse, unless your spouse is eligible forentry to the UK under this scheme. If both you and your spouse meet the criteriayou may both apply at the same time, but there is no guarantee that either orboth of you will be chosen.

You will have a valid passport and a return travel ticket, or sufficientfunds to buy such a ticket from your own resources, not using borrowed money.

You will be able to maintain and accommodate yourself without recourse topublic funds ("welfare") throughout your stay in the UK.

You intend to leave the UK at the end of your stay. You will be available toattend in person an interview at the British Embassy in Tokyo,

You will travel to the UK to begin your stay within three months of beingissued a visa. If you apply and are successful, you will be allowed to take workincidental to your holiday in order to supplement your travel funds.

You will also be able to take work incidental to your stay for a registeredcharity on a volunteer basis. You may not engage in business, provide servicesas a professional sportsperson or entertainer, or pursue a career. You may notextend your stay beyond the period authorised or alter your immigration statusduring your stay.

The scheme begins on 16 April 2001, which is the earliest date on whichcandidates may enter the UK under it.

Only candidates who meet all the specified criteria will be considered. Also,places are limited and success cannot be guaranteed even if all criteria aremet.

Applicants found to have made multiple applications will be rejected.

All applicants chosen for interview will be asked to visit the BritishEmbassy as explained above, bringing their passports, two passport-sizedphotographs, evidence of sufficient funds and an application fee in cash whichwill be notified at the time the interview is arranged.

An interview is no guarantee of a successful application.

* - with a discretionary upper limit of 30 years of age in particular casesapproved by the competent authorities of the United Kingdom.