Limited Availability - Truck Driver jobs in Canada

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A small number of positions for experienced long haul truck drivers have opened up in Canada. If you are successful in your application for one of these positions you will be granted a two year work visa with the possibility of permanent residence at a later date. To apply you should have a minimum of two years experience as a truck driver.

The job offers an extendable two year employment contract. Salary is yet to be determined, but will be between 21 – 25 Canadian Dollars per hour. The ideal candidate will have a minimum band score of 4.5 on the International English Language Testing System (IELTS).

For candidates looking for a great paying truck driving career, please send your detailed CV/Resume to If you have the rights skills and experience one of our representative will contact you immediately. Further details below:

  • Visa Type: Suitable candidates will get a Work permit / Work Visa
  • Duration: 2 yrs. (extendable with the possibility of permanent residence)
  • Job Type: Truck Drivers
  • Work Experience Required: Minimum 2 years
  • Salary: 21 CAD – 25 CAD per hour (to be determined)
  • Processing Time: 3-4 Months (approximately)
  • Minimum Qualifications Required: Intermediate Standard (or at least 12 yrs. of regular study)
  • English Proficiency: General IELTS (minimum 4.5 bands)

This is an excellent chance for those seeking to live and work in Canada, but this window of opportunity is limited, so act now! Again, send your CV/Resume to