Migrant Larry Hillblom "H" in DHL founder serial paedophile

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Larry Hillblom the business genius behind DHL and one of the three DHL founders was a notorious serial paedophile. In the Eighties he decided to leave the US to avoid tax and to have underage sex with young girls in Micronesia and the Far East. DHL's Larry Hillblom emigrated to Saipan part of the Commonwealth of the United States and lived there for the last ten years of his life until he died in 1995; his Second World War seaplane crashed into the Pacific Ocean resulting in the death of both himself (the body was never found) and two other people.

Very few immigrants and companies using the services of DHL for delivery of documents and goods around the World will realise that the "H" in DHL is taken from the surname of the serial pedophile Larry Hillblom. Many may be concerned that they did not know this before using the services of Deutsche Post DHL the largest courier company in the World.

Hillblom's Income from DHL main source of income for pedophile activities

We asked the Deutsche Post DHL Group Press Office and Thomas Hellstrom the head of DHL in Latvia and the Baltic States (it is difficult finding direct contact details for senior DHL staff) to comment on this and other issues. We have had no response. Deutsche Post purchased DHL in 2002 long after Larry Hillbloms death in 1995. It was also the case that until his death Larry Hillblom's main source of income was from the sale of DHL Worldwide Express shares or other income from DHL. It is clearly the case that large sums of money that Mr Hillblom received from DHL was used to fund his paedophile activities.

We find it hard to believe that Deutsche Post did not know about Mr Hillblom's paedophile activities before they acquired DHL in 2002. We can also find no evidence that Deutsche Post DHL Group or DHL Worldwide Express have given any money to charities that help the victims of paedophiles. Deutsche Post DHL have not commented on this.

David Lujan a lawyer in 1998 representing one of the four children of Larry Hillblom looking for a part of the money left by Mr Hillblom after he died described him as a paedophile and also said that he "kept mama-sans on the payroll to save virgins for him" at many different clubs and bars. The four Asian children who were not mentioned in Mr Hillblom's will, after a long legal battle were eventually awarded US$90 million each.

Deutsche Post DHL Group trying to ignore serial paedophile behaviour of founder Larry Hillblom

Deutsche Post DHL Group the current owners of DHL say nothing on their websites about the appalling behaviour of one of the three founders of DHL Larry Hillblom and the man credited for much of the success of DHL. We can also find no evidence of any public announcement made about Mr Hillblom by Deutsche Post DHL or by DHL Worldwide Express before they were acquired by Deutsche Post in 2002. We asked both the DHL Press Office and Thomas Hellstrom the head of DHL in Latvia and Baltics a series of questions relating to the DHL founder Larry Hillblom. Again, we have to say no response has ever been received. If Mr Hillblom had committed his crimes in Germany instead of in the Far East we wonder if Deutsche Post DHL would have remained silent.

German Companies have acknowledged bad conduct during Nazi times

While atrocities committed by Nazi Germany are far worse than anything done by DHL's Mr Hillblom it should be noted that a number of large German companies have acknowledged and investigated unacceptable conduct within their organisations in the past. In the 1980s Volkswagen spent two million dollars investigating their own use of slave labour during the Nazi times. BMW and Daimler Benz (best known for the Mercedes Benz car brand) also extensively used slave labour. In comparison it seems that Deutsche Post DHL wishes everyone to forget that one of their founders was a notorious paedophile whose activities were largely paid for from income from DHL.

If Mr Hillblom had engaged in paedophile activities in his home Country the United States perhaps he would have attracted more attention. In the UK the only serious investigation into the activities of the paedophile Jimmy Saville the former TV and Radio presenter was started in October 2012 about a year after he died. In the case of Jimmy Saville his victims were in the UK. There was a huge public scandal and a massive police investigation. Two charities the Jimmy Savile Charitable Trust and the Jimmy Savile Stoke Mandeville Hospital Trust considered changing their names but in 2012 decided to close.

Larry Lee Hillblom Foundation still exists while Jimmy Saville charities closed

The Larry Lee Hillblom Foundation states the following on it's home page:

"The Larry L. Hillblom Foundation is a California non-profit public benefit corporation funded through a bequest from Larry L. Hillblom, a respected international businessman who was one of the three founders of DHL Worldwide Express."

It seems that the super rich who pay for charitable foundations can in effect pay to have their sordid past "white washed". We can find nothing on the internet that includes any statements from the Larry Hillblom Foundation about DHL's Larry Hillblom's paedophile activities. As mentioned above he is referred to as a "respected international businessman"

It seems like Jimmy Saville Mr Hillblom did not face any criminal prosecution for his activities as a paedophile in his lifetime. Larry Hillblom apparently boasted to friends that he had spent $10 million dollars on funding his quest for young virgins in the Far East (according to him 132). However, in the Jimmy Saville case unlike with Larry Hillblom there was a lengthy investigation after his death.

Charitable Foundations funded by paedophiles

The late Michael Jackson was said to have paid large sums of money to keep people quiet about his activities. He started the charity the Heal the World Foundation. Jeffrey Epstein the billionaire convicted paedophile has the Jeffrey Epstein VI Foundation. It seems many of the super rich who behave badly have charitable foundations.

DHL's Larry Hillblom should be investigated

It was only in 2004 that the US Government decided on prosecuting American citizens who committed sex crimes outside the US. This was about nine years after the death of Larry Hillblom. We can find no evidence that the US Government have investigated criminal conduct by Larry Hillblom. As mentioned above Jimmy Saville in the UK was investigated after his death. It seems that everyone wants to forget that Hillblom's paedophile activities ever happened. It is surely especially important that an investigation should occur as one of the founders of the largest courier company in the World Deutsche Post DHL was a paedophile. We can find no evidence that DHL has even considered changing its name because the "H" in DHL is from Larry Hillblom's surname. It is a pity that the Deutsche Post DHL press office has failed to respond to any of our queries.