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More skilled immigration to Ireland

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Recent research, published by data scientists at LinkedIn, has revealed that 20 per cent more skilled workers arrived in Ireland than departed in the first quarter of 2015. According to the research, the software industry proved to be the most popular industry sector for skilled migrant workers moving to the country.

Data scientists say that the research results highlight Ireland's 'attractiveness' as an immigration destination for European start-ups seeking to expand their business and for US companies looking to establish an EU base.

Healthcare and retail sectors attracting skilled immigrant workers

Alongside the software industry, Ireland's healthcare and retail sectors attract high numbers of skilled migrant workers, according to the research. Overseas workers shunned by the UK are finding employment in Ireland's healthcare sector.

Tougher Immigration requirements introduced by the UK's Conservative government mean that nurses, employed by the NHS from outside the EU, would need to be earning a minimum of £35,000 per year to remain in Britain after six years.

Ireland more welcoming of skilled migrant workers

Year-on-year, Ireland has welcomed more and more foreign workers. In 2014, over 40,000 overseas nationals were granted an Irish Work Permit, according to figures published by Eurostat. This number represents a 50 per cent increase on the number of foreign workers moving to Ireland for work compared to 2012. Ireland is becoming an increasingly popular immigration destination.

Despite its small size, Ireland has become an incredibly popular destination for immigrants in general, not just those coming to work. In the 12 months, April 2014-2015, the Irish Central Statistics Office said: "69,300 people arrived in Ireland over this 12 month period, that's 8,500 people more than the year before."

The Central Statistics Office added: "Over the same 12-month period, fewer people left Ireland. By the end of April 2015, 80,900 had emigrated, which is a decline of about 1,000 when compared with the year before."

Bring back skilled Irish people

However, despite the positive contribution of skilled migrant workers in Ireland, Wendy Murphy, the senior HR director for EMEA at LinkedIn, said: "The Irish government must do more to bring home skilled Irish people who have gone abroad to work. Those skilled Irish professionals possess a wealth of talent in key areas where skill shortages exist."

Murphy added: "I think Ireland as a brand is being undersold, especially in terms of the high quality of life that the country offers, particularly for families."

Interest in Irish immigration increasing is receiving increasing interest in Ireland as an immigration option. If you have a contract or employment in Ireland, this may be worth considering. For many it is difficult to gain entry or leave to remain in the UK.

In the UK fewer people now qualify for indefinite leave to remain. The UK Government is likely to take even more steps in future to restrict Tier 2 visas. The Tier 2 work visa is one of the few options left for work based entry to the UK.

If you are a highly skilled worker with good qualifications and experience then we may be able to come up with an immigration route for Ireland.

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