Most popular immigration advice site becomes even more popular

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Media Center » Watch This Video continues to grow its readership. People from all over the world visit our site for information on immigrating to over 20 of the top destination countries, as well as seeking services to assist them in making their life-changing move.

By providing comprehensive content, relevant immigration news, and immigration-related videos, it's easy to see why is the World's most popular immigration advice site.

January 2008 saw a 33% increase in visitors over the previous January, making last month our busiest month ever. We produced our 1000th video in January 2008, which is another area of our site that has been breaking records. With the increase in popularity of our site combined with the explosive success of our video section, has seen a 233% increase in data traffic in January 2008 compared to the previous January!

This year also saw us celebrate our 20th anniversary year. We attribute our longevity and success to providing up to date information and news about immigration from around the world. The various immigration sections of our site provide concise and easy to understand information to help prepare those who wish to move to another country.

2007 was a busy year in the world of skilled migration. We quickly adapted our site to Australia's restructured General Skilled Migration scheme when the Australian government introduced the changes during the summer of 2007. Our new United Kingdom points based system tiered immigration section is also in place, to help prepare interested individuals before the new system starts to be implemented in March.

Our free points calculators for individuals interested in immigrating to countries such as the UK, Australia, and Canada provide a valuable tool in assisting people in assessing whether they have the knowledge skills and abilities to migrate to their country of choice. We were the first website to provide such a service to people on the internet.

As the world becomes more mobile and those with the skills that the global market needs require more assistance in achieving better opportunities abroad, will continue to improve and innovate!