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New HSMP Extension information

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Many people will be affected by the recent changes to the United Kingdom's Highly Skilled Migrant Programme (HSMP). Those already under the programme will be required to qualify under the new points based system when their term expires. To help clarify the requirements we have a new section specifically about HSMP Extensions.

There are some differences to the revised points based system depending on whether the individual is a first time applicant or someone already under HSMP and requesting an extension. To help test whether an applicant can successfully re-qualify under the new rules, we have provided an HSMP Extension Calculator which takes the differences into account.

If an applicant fails to qualify for an extension under the new rules, the UK has implemented a grace period to allow them to attempt a transfer to another scheme, such as the Work Permit programme or to stay in the UK as a business owner. Please see our new HSMP Extension section to see more information.


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