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New UK Fee Schedule, Final Version from 02 April

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The revised schedule of various immigration services fees currently being used in the United Kingdom; the fees are the same as those proposed at the beginning of March, but these tables are more comprehensive:

NEW FEE LEVELS from 2nd April 2007

Application TypeOld Fee (£)New Fee (£)
Settlement visa260500
Work permit visa85200
Long term visa85200
Student visa8599

Application TypeOld Fee (£)New Fee (£)


Indefinite Leave to Remain335750
Indefinite Leave to Remain Premium500950
Nationality - Right Of Abode20135
Nationality - Naturalisation200575
Nationality - Adult Registration120400
Nationality - Minor single and multiple registration200400
Nationality - Adult registration under
s.1 of the British Nationality (Hong Kong) Act 1997
Nationality - Minor registration under
s.1 of the British Nationality (Hong Kong) Act 1997
Nationality - renunciation120385
Nationality - Citizenship Ceremony Fee6880
Nationality - Supply of a certified copy of a notice2020
Nationality - Administration of a citizenship oath
(not at a ceremony)

Application TypeOld Fee (£)New Fee (£)


Highly Skilled Migrant Programme315400
HSMP Leave to Remain335350
Work Permits153190
Work Permit Leave to Remain335350
Work Permit Leave to Remain Premium500550
Business Case Unit Leave to Remain335750

Application TypeOld Fee (£)New Fee (£)

LTR Other

Leave to Remain (non-student)335395
Leave to Remain (non-student) Premium500595
Certificate of Approval135295
Transfer of Conditions160160
Transfer of Conditions Premium500500
Adult Travel Documents (CID)195210
Child Travel Documents (CID)115130
Adult Travel Documents (CTD)4266
Child Travel Documents (CTD)2545


Student Leave to Remain250295
Student Leave to Remain Premium500500


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