New UK work permit within Training and Work Experience Scheme

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Effective 11 September, 2006, a new subcategory to the existing Training and Work Experience Scheme (TWES) within the work permit arrangements is now available to qualified individuals: the Medical Training Initiatives (MTI). Students and medical professionals are encouraged to check their eligibility.

'Medical Training Initiatives' is the term given for training schemes for individuals who are sponsored by the Royal Colleges and other organizations within the medical field. A key purpose of sponsorship is to train overseas medical professionals, doctors and dentists in the UK's public health care sector before they return abroad to continue their medical practice with the new skills they have acquired.

Guidance on how to apply under MTI and a new application form (MTI1) are now available. Printed guidance will become available form the government from 27 November 2006. There will be no electronic application forms for this category.

Medical specialists who were admitted to the UK under the Immigration Rules before 03 April 2006 will be able to switch into the MTI category if there is a requirement to continue in their existing training programmed. You will need to fill out and submit an MTI application, accompanying this with full details of the sponsorship.


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