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Overview of Scotland's Fresh Talent scheme

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Scotland, a country of some five million people, is actively seeking a flow of Fresh Talent. It is hoped that the new immigrants will flourish alongside native-born Scots and help Scotland secure its place as an essential part of the global economy.

The aim of the Fresh Talent: Scotland scheme is to encourage talented, skilled non-European Economic Area (EEA) nationals to pursue careers in Scotland. Graduates of Scottish educational institutions who have successfully completed a degree in Scotland will be able to remain in Scotland and work for two years after completing their studies.

Scotland's Minister of Finance, Tom McCabe, has launched the Fresh Talent: Working in Scotland scheme. Part of this scheme will allow overseas students studying in Scotland to stay and work in Scotland for up to two years without needing a work permit.

Applicants should intend to work in Scotland during the time they are allowed to stay, and either leave the country at the end of the two year period or switch to one of the specified managed migration schemes. If they wish to transfer into work permit employment then their work permit must be for employment in Scotland. They must be able to maintain themselves and any dependants who are in Scotland with them without applying for help from public funds. If they have received sponsorship for a government or international scholarship agency to help pay for their studies, the applicant must also provide a letter stating that the sponsor has no objection to the individual staying in Scotland.
Application forms will be available from the Home Office. Decisions on applications will be made by the Home Office, not the Executive.