Payment and application process goes online for more UK visa applicants

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UK Immigration has announced that the payment and application process for UK Visa applicants in several different countries will be changing in order to make the process more efficient.

From 27 February 2012, UK Visa applicants in the following countries will be required to submit and pay for their visa online as part of the revised application process:
  • Armenia
  • Estonia
  • Japan
  • Azerbaijan
  • Latvia
  • Mongolia
  • Mauritius
All UK visa applications will need to be completed using UK immigration's online application system and paid for online. Applicants will still need to visit their respective UK visa application centres to submit any necessary supporting documentation and biometric information. Appointments for attending the Visa application centre can be booked online following completion of the online application process.

"The integration of payment into the online system will provide a more streamlined visa application process for customers and is part of a wider move to allow almost all of our customers to apply and pay for their Visas online by 2013-14," said a UK Border Agency press release.

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