Police chief wants new force to tackle UK illegal immigration

The issue of clamping down on illegal immigration has been raised by one the UK's most senior police officers, Chris Fox outgoing president of the Association of Chief Police Officers.

Different agencies have different objectives, and Fox believes that UK police forces should unify with government branches to make it even harder for illegal immigrants, and criminal elements to cross UK borders.

The new force would be responsible for all points of entry to the UK. It will make us a more coordinated organisation against criminality and illegal entry, he said.

Fox wants a dedicated new force comprising of the police, special branches, immigration and customs to police the borders.

The problem he sees with the current system is that police want to catch criminals after entry in to the UK, while customs want to seize products at the border. Each organisation has its own agenda and we need to bring all those objectives together with one organisation about the right time to act, Fox stated.

Immigration Minister Tony McNulty said government will not consider these proposals. He said UK borders are already controlled by UK Immigration services, HM revenues and customs in close co-operation with police.

Agencies need to stay distinct from one another and the borders are controlled when all the agencies work together. Last year 3,000 police operations caught 150 gangs.

The conservatives agree with Fox. Shadow home secretary David Davis said, the UK's porous borders are being exploited by people traffickers and drug smugglers. Tighter border controls would help to prevent a Morcombe Bay disaster when 21 illegal immigrants from China drowned, said Davis.