Proposed Changes to the Canadian Citizenship Act to Expedite Adoption and Citizenship

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Prime Minister Stephen Harper spoke on Friday, 12 May detailing a committment by the Canadian federal government to make it easier for parents to obtain Canadian citizenship for children adopted from overseas.

"Parents go to great effort and expense to bring these children into their families," said Prime Minister Harper. "They open their hearts and their homes to provide opportunities and want the very best for them."

On Monday 15 May, Citizenship and Immigration Minister Monte Solberg will introduce amendments to the Citizenship Act designed to facilitate granting of citizenship for children adopted overseas by Canadian parents. This is considered by the current administration to be the fourth immigration promise Canada's New Government has delivered on since it was elected in January.

The Right of Permanent Residence Fee was just halved from $975 to $490. This reduction applies to immigrants granted permanent resident status under all social, humanitarian and economic classes, on or after May 3, 2006.

"This means that immigrants and their families will get to keep more money in their pockets when they're starting a new life in Canada,"said Prime Minister Harper. "We said we would do this and we have."

Over $300 million in additional settlement assistance for new immigrants is budgeted over two years. Additional funding to address the assessment and recognition of foreign credentials is also included in the budget. This funding will also support services for immigrants as they settle into their new lives in Canada.

The over-all goal is to attract skilled workers and provide training required to enhance their adjustment into a new country.