Skilled workers put off coming to the UK due to high visa costs

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By Sanwar Ali:

The UK continues to be a desirable destination for talented workers from across the globe, offering a vibrant consumer market, a multicultural society, and innovative businesses. However, the escalating visa costs are increasingly discouraging skilled international workers from choosing the UK as their career destination. The most popular UK visa route is the Skilled Worker visa for a UK employer with a sponsor licence. This piece aims to delve into the issue, investigate its impact on the UK's economy and skilled workers, and present viable solutions.

The Burden of High Visa Costs

The high visa costs, especially for the Skilled Worker Visa, and other work visa categories are becoming a significant barrier for international workers aspiring to build their careers in the UK. The price of such visas, coupled with the Immigration Health Surcharge and the relatively high cost of living in the UK compared to many countries, often outweighs the potential benefits of working in the country.

The Impact on Skilled Workers

The high visa fees significantly affect the decision-making process of skilled workers, particularly those with families. The cost of a skilled worker visa for a single applicant is already substantial, and the expense multiplies for a family of four. The visa costs, coupled with the Immigration Health Surcharge and the high cost of living in the UK, make the financial burden overwhelming for many.

The Impact on Different Sectors

While the high visa costs deter international talent across various sectors, the healthcare and IT sectors are amongst the hardest hit. The Doctors' Association UK and several business leaders in the IT sector have voiced concerns about the declining number of international applicants due to the prohibitive visa costs.

The Economic Ramifications

High visa costs do not only dissuade potential skilled workers but also have far-reaching implications for the UK's economy. The reduced influx of international talent can lead to a shortage of critical skills, affecting productivity and innovation.

Impact on the Healthcare Sector

The NHS, already struggling with staff shortages, could face further strain as potential international recruits are deterred by the high visa costs. The Migration Observatory and the Institute for Public Policy Research have highlighted this potential crisis, stressing the need for immediate policy intervention.

Impact on the IT Sector

The IT sector, a significant contributor to the UK's economy, relies heavily on international talent. High visa costs could hinder sector growth, leading to a slowdown in the country's digital transformation journey.

The Government's Stance

Despite the outcry from business leaders and policymakers, the UK Government has defended the visa fee increases. A Home Office spokesperson stated that the increases in the Immigration Health Surcharge and visa application fees are necessary to fund essential public services and contribute to public sector pay.

The Need for Change

There is a growing consensus amongst business leaders, policymakers, and the general public that the current visa costs are unsustainable. The government's argument that the increases will primarily impact foreign nationals overlooks the fact that British businesses and the UK economy will ultimately have to deal with the consequences of more skills shortages.

Recommendations for the Government

Several recommendations have been put forward to address the issue of high visa costs:

Lower Visa Costs

The government should consider reducing the cost of Skilled Worker visas, making them more accessible to talented international workers.

Fast-Track Visa Scheme

A fast-track visa scheme for skilled workers in key sectors such as healthcare and IT could help address critical skill shortages.

Financial Assistance

The government should consider providing financial assistance to help skilled workers cover the high cost of living in the UK.


The high visa costs in the UK are increasingly becoming a deterrent for skilled international workers. This situation has far-reaching implications, not only for the workers themselves but also for the UK's economy. It is crucial for the government to address this issue promptly, considering the recommendations put forward by various stakeholders. By doing so, the UK can continue to attract top talent, maintain its economic competitiveness, and ensure the continued provision of essential services such as healthcare.

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