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Sponsor Licence: Unlock Your Global Talent Pool

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By Sanwar Ali:

With Brexit and the end of free movement for EU citizens there are increasing skills shortages in the UK.  This is where a sponsor licence could be useful. A sponsor licence is a crucial tool for companies who wish to sponsor non-settled workers, such as skilled professionals. In this article, we will find out what a sponsor licence is, why it's beneficial, who it's for, and how to get one.

What is a Sponsor Licence?

A sponsor licence is a licence issued by the UK's Home Office. It allows an organisation to sponsor non-settled workers, who need a sponsor to work long term in the UK. A sponsor licence enables the employer to sponsor individuals who can obtain say a Skilled Worker visa, thus allowing them to enter or stay in the UK for employment in the sponsored role.

The Importance of a Sponsor Licence

In the post-Brexit era, having a sponsor licence has become increasingly important for UK businesses. Before Brexit, it was easy for newly arriving EU citizens to work in the UK. However, since 2021, EU nationals and their family members are required to hold some sort of immigration status to work in the UK. As such, in many cases employers will need to sponsor EU nationals unless they possess alternative immigration statuses such as pre-settled or settled status.

The Benefits of a Sponsor Licence

Having a sponsor licence carries several key benefits, which we will detail below.

Hiring Skilled Workers from Outside the UK

By holding a sponsor licence, your organisation can extend its talent search beyond the UK. This is especially beneficial when there is a shortage of suitably skilled workers in the resident labour market. By attracting and hiring the best person for the job, regardless of their nationality, your company can elevate its competitiveness and growth potential.

Onboarding International Students

International students can already work in the UK in many cases part-time during their university course, and on a Graduate visa for typically two years after successfully completing a course in the UK. A sponsor licence allows companies to hire international students on a long term basis, who bring fresh perspectives and new ideas to the table. These individuals can significantly contribute to the company's innovation and technological advancement. A sponsor licence also enables companies to offer long term employment to new graduates on student visas, thereby providing a long-term immigration solution.

Sponsoring Current Employees

Organisations can use a sponsor licence to sponsor current employees who hold shorter temporary visas such as the Graduate visa, which gives the right to work in the UK. This is a quick solution to guarantee their long-term employment, as these employees can switch immigration routes to continue their employment as a Skilled Worker in the UK under the company's sponsorship.

How to Obtain a Sponsor Licence

The process of obtaining a sponsor licence involves meeting certain eligibility requirements and following the application process.

Eligibility Requirements

An organisation seeking a sponsor licence must prove that it is a legitimate operation and is capable of fulfilling its sponsor duties and responsibilities. The company must also appoint individuals within the organisation to on sponsor management roles.

Application Process

The application for a sponsor licence is completed online and must be accompanied by supporting documentation to show that the company meets the necessary requirements. Once the application and the supporting documents have been submitted, the UK's Home Office will review them. If approved, the company will receive its sponsor licence.

Conclusion: The Significance of a Sponsor Licence

In summary, obtaining a sponsor licence offers multiple benefits, from expanding the talent pool to ensuring the long-term employment of current employees. By understanding the importance of a sponsor licence and the process of acquiring one, your company can better navigate the complexities of the UK's immigration system and benefit from the global talent pool.

Call to Action

If your company is facing recruitment challenges and considering hiring foreign nationals, now is the time to apply for a sponsor licence. Don't let the complexities of the process deter you. With the right guidance and information, your organisation can navigate the UK visa sponsorship system effectively. Start your application today and open your doors to a world of global talent.

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